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Retired Telecom Officer's Welfare Association (Regd.) - TourCommittee



1. Settlement of the cases under minimum pay under 49(4)CCS Rules.


        The cases of Sh. K.B. LAL, Retd.DGM, Sh. R.B. Goel, retd. SDE, MTNL, Delhi, Sh. S.C. Chugh, Retd. SDE,MTNL, Sh. Hari Om Garg, Retd. DE, DOT, Sh. S.S.Nanda, Retd. DE,MTNL,  were settled. The cases were settled as per satisfaction of the members alongwith the arrears.


2. Issue of Medical Cards.


  The issue of Indor treatment for retired Employees was taken by the association and it was settled. Medical cards for Indoor treatment are ready.  A list of 540 cards (Retiree + spouse) are ready in Medical section.  SMS were sent to the members accordingly.

     In some cards, employee category is shown as E1 to E4, while they were working  in the above scale i.e. E-5 to E-6, DGM(IR), MTNL was requested to do the needful.  A letter in respect was written to ED, MTNL, Delhi and DGM(IR)MTNL, New Delhi. DGM(IR), MTNL agreed to issue new cards.


3.  Time Bound/Post Based Promotion Policy for Group ‘B’ level Executive of MTNL.


      The  MTNL Management framed new  Promotion Policy and circulated vide No. MTNL/CO/ Pers-II/Prom. Policy/Exe/07 dated 11.9.07. But, MTNL, Delhi instead of implementing the orders, wanted some clarifications  from Corporate Office.  MTNL, Mumbai implemented the orders. We took up the case.  After our lot of perusal, MTNL, Corp. Office clarified vide letter No. MTNL/CO/Pers-II/Prom. Pol-exe/07, 24th September, 2008. DPC were held and various lists were issued by MTNL Delhi. Again, MTNL, Delhi asked ACG-61 proforma to be countersigned by the respective unit officers, but there is no unit officers of the retired officers (ii) the pay fixation due to promotion is settled by the concerned AO(P&A) of the area, but the service book of the retired officers are in the custody of Pension Cell(HQ). GM(A) was approached.  GM(A) issued orders in this respect mentioning that there was no need of counter signature and the cases would be settled by the Area AO(P&A).

     After the issue of promotion/up gradation orders, certain formalities have to be completed like Upto date of confidential records are required.  CR Dossiers in some cases are not complete and in some cases, CR folders  are not traceable by the department.

      General Secretary met Director(HR) and requested for relaxation, which he assured to look into the case.  A letter to Director(HR) was given on 10.12.2008.


4. Settlement of bills in respect of Service/Concessional Telecom facilities by MTNL for BSNL & vis-versa.


      As decided earlier that the bills of residential service  telephone connection of the retired employees of MTNL residing in NCR area in Delhi and other areas of Mumbai shall be reimbursed.  But, MTNL, Delhi and Mumbai both are facing lot of problems.

    On our request, ED(O) Corporate Office called us on 6.5.2008 in this connection.  A letter No. MTNL/CO/GM(comml.)/Settlement of bills/ MTNL-BSNL/2007 of 9.8.2008 for reimbursement of telephone bills of 9 months i.e. October, 2007 to July, 2008.  Later on, orders for reimbursement upto October, 2008 were issued.

    But, the reimbursement of the bills for 1.10.2006 to 30.9.2007 is not made.  Taken up the case with Director(Finance) and ED(O). It is learnt from reliable sources that the case is being settled and orders are going to be issued earliest.


5. 50% IDA merger with  Basic pay to the retired employee.


     On our persuasion, the letter regarding 50% IDA merger with basic pay to the retired employee, who have resigned, retired and relieved from MTNL during this period i.e. after 1.1.2007,is issued vide MTNL/IRW/22(90)/2005/218 dated 21.10.2008.

      The case of the category of the employees who are ‘pensioners’ on 1.1.2007 for merger of 50% of their Dearness Relief  with Basic Pension w.e.f. 1.1.2007 on similar lines as done in respect of other CCS Pensioners in Central government w.e.f. 1.4.2004 when 50% of DA/DR was merged inbasic pay/ basic pension by government, is sent by Corporate Office to DDG(EST.)DOT on 15.11.2008 vide No.MTNL/IRW/22(90)/ 8/233for clarification/orders.


6.  Payment of Pension to MTNL from government on similar lines in BSNL.


     Secretary(T) assured that he would take up the issue for approval of Cabinet.


7.  Wage Commission Report for retired executive.


       The case is in progress.


8.   Prorate Pension of Retired Officers – Extension of last date of exercising of option


The case was taken up with Director(HR). on 11.12.2008.  date is extended upto 28th February, 2009. The orders are issued.


9.  MTNL promotion policy of ‘Group B’ officers, disparity between VRS retirees and retirees on superannuation.


      The case has been taken up with the management many times.  In the general body meeting held on5.11.2008 in CTO Auditorium,  Director(HR) informed the house that a Committee in this respect is being formed to settle the issue as raised by R.T.O.W.A.

      Later on Director(HR) informed that the proposal to set up a Committee is not agreed upon.  Sending the case to Finance was the proposal now.

      The case will be discussed in length with Director(HR) in the meeting to be held on 2.1.2009.


10.  Increase of No. of free calls for RSTC for retired officers of MTNL


     The case is under progress.


11.  SMS service by the Association.


       All important informations are given to the members through SMS by the General Secretary.


12.  Mobile connection of the Association.


       As per instructions of Executive Committee, a trump connection No. 9968721515 is issued to the General secretary.


13.  Opening of  site for the Association


        Web site http//    is opened.  All important information will be available on the site.


14.  Formation of R.T.O.W.A. in Mumbai.


       R.T.O.W.A, Mumbai has been formed.  President, General secretary, Treasurer of RTOWA Delhi are visiting  Mumbai on 5.1.2009


15.   Affiliation with R.T.O.W.A. Jodhpur


        R.T.O.W.A. Jodhpur (Rajasthan) is affilated to us



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